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Monday, January 5, 2009

When will it end?

So far we are not ringing in the new year with bright and shiny bells. We have had the sickness bug going through our house and it shows no signs of leaving.

I had to bring in my 5yo to the ER on Christmas Day. She had bronchitis and STILL had two ear infections. Now she has already been on antibiotics for 10 days. We had to start nebulizer treatments, steroids and MORE antibiotics.
Two days later my 3yo and 8 month old ended up sick with horrible head/chest colds. Three days later the 5yo is better, the 3yo is getting better BUT the 8month old is getting worse - throwing up everything. We ended up going to the ER at 2am on New Year's Day to be told it was viral and there was not much we could do. The next day he started running a 103 fever. I called the on-call pediatrician and they said wait and watch. By this time the poor little guy has bascially been crying for 3 days straight. The next day it is now over 104. Luckily, our pediatrician is open on Saturdays. We brought him in and he had 2 bad ear infections. He is now on antibiotics. My 16yo now has the head cold, ARGH!

Okay, let's go back a bit. We went to my mom's on Christmas Day for dinner. We all knew the my 5yo had a cold (so we thought). At that time it seemed to be no big deal. My mom ended up getting sick two days later and today she is STILL sick and went to her doctor to find out she has a horrible case of bronchitis. I know it was not our fault because how could we know my 5yo would go downhill so fast that day and the give it to my mom but I still feel bad.

So, the only resolution I have is for the sickness bug to leave us alone for a long while. My kids have been getting sick for the last 3 months. We all need a break. Please send some get well prayes out way. We can sure use them.

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mom2cutekids said...

OMG that is horrible. I will say a prayer right now for you and your family. And for your beatiful little ones to start feeling better. I hope your resloution comes true...quickly!