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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Elfing Around Giveaway - CLOSED!

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#22 Lisa C said...
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I am always looking for really cool and fun traditions to start with my children. I have found the most awesome tradition that you can do with your children for Christmas - Elfing Around

It all takes place during the 12 days before Christmas. Your child's Elfing experience begins with a letter from your child's elf announcing their arrival. This helps to build the anticipation for that first day. When the Elf arrives that is when the FUN begins. The Elf arrives with a letter explaining that they must stay still during the day so no one sees their magic. At night is when the MAGIC begins. There is a parent's guide to help help the stage for each little 5-15 minute scene. The next day the child must find their elf. The elf leaves clues to find them. One day there is even a hunt. So much fun! On December 24th is when the elf goes back to the North Pole until next year. Elf dolls enhance Christmas!

No worries about repeating the same days for the next year because Elfing Around offers a parent guide for the next year. You can even get fun boxes to add a little extra fun to each day.

Each Elfing Around kit includes:
Boy/Girl Elf (12 inches tall)
Parent Adventure Guide Book
Letter from Elf
2 Elf Tattoos
Birthday Card from your child's Elf on their Birthday

Elfing Around is giving Photo Bug Baby one elf (girl or boy) kit to give away to one of you lucky people.

Go to Elfing Around and comment on 3 things. There should be 3 items in your comment or your entry will be voided.
1 - Boy or Girl Elf
2 - Elf name
3 - Elf's Job

Extra Entries

1 - Blog about this give away with links back to Photo Bug Baby and Elfing Around
2 - Follow Me!
3 - Enter the Tinsel Town Giveaway

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3 Kids and Us said...

These are so cute. The elf I would pick is
1. Girl
2. Named Noel
3. Her Job: Making Teasets
3kidsnus at gmail dot com

Kimberly said...

This are SO CUTE!!!!!!

1 - Boy
2 - Jingles
3 - Making toys, helping Mrs. Clause out baking the gingerbread cookies and feeding the reindeer.

HunnyV "at" Optonline "dot" net

toni jensen said...

I love their smiling faces i like both the girl or boy.
I love that they are personalized for your child. also love the extra fun box to do your own notes and love the ideas of the 12 days of xmas and little tricks and clues for your child to have fun what a great idea love it.
toni jensen

toni jensen said...

i get the following part is writing another comment and follow your blog! lol!! Im new at this haha

Charlene said...

I'm not sure if this is where I'm suppsoed to be posting, so I hope I got this right.

1 - Boy Elf
2 - Name: Shrinkadingding
3 - Elf's Job: Rudolph's keeper

SereneCat said...

These are adorable and what a great giveaway! I have 2 girls and a boy so I would definitely need to order 3 elves...for this giveaway I would choose 1. a girl elf, and we would name her 2. Ellie. Her jobs include 3. lots of baking, playing little tricks, assisting Santa, making toys.

The Cinnamon Hollow said...

HI Miss Toni,
I'm now following you... oh goodness they need a better term for that, lol! This is a great giveaway, thanks so much! I'll be blogging about it sometime this evening. ~*~Crystsal~*~

Sew-Digital said...

These are adorable!!!
I love that they go one for 12 days! That means we start on my birthday! LOL!

The elf I would pick is:
1. A girl
2. Named Ginny Jingles
3. Making Dolls is her job! :-)

I'll be blogging about this at

Elaine Stephen said...

I never gave those elves all that much thought before. This would be great for my son! He will be six on 11/22. He has known about Santa for a long time. This is the first year he started talking about Santa's elves though.
1 - My son would like a Boy Elf.
2 - If I win, my son would like to name his elf Scooby. He wants to name everything Scooby. We named our new puppy Sadie. My son calls her, Guess what? Sadie Scooby.
3 - My son says his elf Scooby will make all the toys for him that Mommy and Daddy say Santa might not bring this year. LOL!

Tracy @ our Journey said...

What a cute idea!

My elf:
1. Name: Jingle
2. Job: Makes Music
3. Boy elf

Little Piddles said...

1. Girl
2. Jennie Jingleson
3. Helping Santa double check the "Who's Naughty and Who's Nice List"

Michele said...

What a fabulous idea!!! I had so much fun reading the entire site, including the letters from Santa!! This is so much fun!!

1. My elf is a girl.
2. My elf's name is Ellie Elfkin.
3. Ellie's job is sewing the outfits that Build-a-Bear animals wear, as well as making sure that the reindeer have snacks for the Christmas Eve sleigh ride around the world.

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)

Michele said...

I follow your blog.

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)

Michele said...

I entered the Tinsel Town Giveaway.

Thanks so much!!
Michele R.(CA)

lmbrunken said...

These are adorable and a wonderful idea! The elf we would pick is:
1.) Girl
2.) Named: Bella
3.) Her job: Making everyone laugh and smile!

lmbrunken said...

shared on my blog at

lmbrunken said...

Entered the tinsel town giveaways.. Wonderful prizes are being offered!

tawni messenger said...

I am in love with this idea. I think my 3 oldest children would have a blast and cant wait until the twins are old enough to participate

1. Girl
2. silver
3. she watches over the presents in the house to make sure the kids dont peak or shake them.

Erin Tales said...

1. My elf is a boy.
2. My elf's name is Frodo.
3. Job: Tasting Cookies for Santa

speak2erin (at) gmail (dot) com

Sarah said...

We would like a boy elf named Marvin. Marvin is in charge of making crayons that won't color on walls. Can we tell that this elf is aimed at one particular member of the Zoo?