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Monday, November 3, 2008

Tika Kids Product Review

Tika Kids Crayon Tote Bag and Magnetic Board

About Tika Kids:
Did you know that tika in Russian means 'quiet'? Well, Tika Kids is all about helping Mom help her kids have a few of those 'quiet' times. Annie's items are all handmade with love. Lots of great, playful, colorful activities for all our little loved ones.

Product Review:
I received these items from Annie - crayon tote and magnetic board.

Crayon Tote - This bag is
wonderful and is a great size as well (11” x 10.5” x 2”). Perfect size for activity/coloring books, magnetic board, etc. Keeps crayons and markers organized and accessible. Made of heavy weight cottons and durable vinyl—it will hold up to the wear of your kids! My 3yo took over the crayon tote and she is willing to share the magnetic board. It goes everywhere with her. I bought her some books to keep inside and any trip we go on is quiet and non stressful. It is a wonderful item to keep her busy. I love the fabric - vibrant and colorful.

- This little board is perfect for: drawing with dry erase markers (it wipes right off!), you can use as a hard surface to draw on paper, as little laps in the car, church, doctor’s office, etc., use with Magnetix®, use with magnetic puzzles and games, playing tic-tac-toe and with magnetic alphabet and other learning
activities. There is a multitude of uses for this board. My girls just love playing with it. It is used daily in my house.

Annie's sewing skills are just wonderful. Packaging is professional. Shipping was quick. Annie is a great person to work with. The crayon tote and magnetic board would make an excellent birthday or Christmas gift for any child. You could add some coloring or activity books and you are good to go. I was not disappointed with her products and I know you won't be either. I plan to go back and get some of Annie's activities that she makes to go with the magnetic board (whic all fit into the tote).

I would strongly recommend this item to my friends.

I give this item a rating of 4.0

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