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Monday, November 17, 2008

Elfing Around Product Review

Elfing Around - Boy/Girl Elf Tradition

About Elfing Around:

Having children of her own made Lisa realize very quickly how important it is to keep the magic of Christmas alive as long as possible. She had visions of beautifully elaborate holiday seasons which included an eye-pleasingly decorated home, the yummiest aromas filling the air, the sounds of Christmas music and children laughing echoing throughout, perfectly wrapped gifts in coordinating paper with extraordinary bows adorning each one. Well, more kids were added to the mix and Lisa realized that her vision wasn’t what Christmas traditions were all about anyway.

This was about the time when the Elfing Around elves were discovered. Eureka – the Christmas tradition she'd been dreaming of! The elves were right up her alley. They were messy, funny,
enchanting – but most of all they put a sparkle in her children’s’ eyes and smiles on their faces everyday, all day long. Before her eyes these magical Christmas elves changed Christmas as they knew it. They aren’t just elves to her children – they are Jingle and Sugar Plum, of course! After she set up each nightly escapade (the elf comes with a book explaining what you need to do) Lisa would go to bed excited to see her children’s reactions the next morning.

The elves became part of their family immediately. They were brought on play dates and introduced to their friends, they came to restaurants, parties, movies and honestly, this new Christmas tradition, these two Christmas elves, Jingle and Sugar Plum, brought their family together in ways she couldn’t explain. This Christmas tradition is all about family! They’ve made their Christmas less about the hype and commercialization and more about the joy that Christmas
brings to those who believe. So now when someone asks me – Why a new Christmas Tradition? Why a Christmas Elf Doll? – Lisa answers smilingly, just because, it’s magical!

Product Review:
Lisa was such a doll to send me an elf for both my little girls to review. I received Sparkle (who makes dollhouses) and Pixie (who makes ballet clothes).

Each adorable little elf kit comes with: Boy/Girl Elf (12 inches tall), Parent Adventure Guide Book - year 1, Letter from Herbie Elf (this is given to the child so they can anticipate their elf's visit), 2 Elf Tattoos and a birthday card from your child's Elf on their Birthday.

Your child's elf begins his/her visit 12 days before Christmas. Not to worry about next year as there is year two available. This si when the magic begins. Each night you child's elf (with your help) will have a little fun around the house. Each activity only takes about 5 minutes to set up. All the activities will definitely bring a smile to your child's face.

You can also add on a fun box which is some extra fun along with the activities in the parent

I personally can not wait to start this awesome tradition with my children. I will going back next year for year 2 and for an elf for my 7mo so he can join in the fun.

The packaging was professional and was shipped very quickly. Lisa is an excellent person to work with. Quick responses. If you are looking for something special for your children or even your grandchildren then check out Elfing Around.
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