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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

'201 Things To Do When Your Children Say I'm Bored' Book Product Review

Cowcatcher - '201 Things To Do When Children Say I'm Bored' Book

About Cowcatcher:
Jodie is a former school teacher who created a wonderful book of ideas to help families of all kinds do things with thier children beyond the Candyland games, Guess Who?, baking cookies, etc. So she started collecting ideas of things to do and then decided to put them into a book for all of us who need some extra help coming up with things to do with our kids. Why Cowcatcher? Here’s the definition: (n.) a metal frame on the front end of a locomotive for pushing aside cattle or other obstacles. Hmmm. Jodie removes obstacles. Hence, the name of her business, COWCATCHER Publications (and Presentations because she is also a public speaker).

Product Review:
Jodie sent me a copy of her book. Children love doing things with their parents. Sometimes the simpler the better. I stumbled on this book and knew it would be a great idea for those of us that are looking for something different to do with our kids. This book is an intriguing list of various things to do with kids. To see a sample page, CLICK HERE.
I have 3 and 5 year old girls who are constantly saying they are bored. I have tried several things that are in this book. So far they have loved doing everyone of them. I also like how many of the ideas are for others and not just a simple gratification for them. Ideas vary in age level but you can adapt them to the ages of your child(ren). Some of the ideas can be area related (such as take a nature hike) so if you live in a city environment then you may not be able to do that. Pricing of the book is not too bad for an actual copy. You can save money and buy the e-book version. This book is also an excellent addition to any homeschool program.

The packaging was professional and shipping was quick. Jodie is a doll to work with and quick to respond to any questions I had. If you are looking something unique to give as a gift to a teacher, child or anyone with a child then check out Cowcatcher.

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Finleypotamus said...

Oh I love this. I think it would come in handy with two boys. I think the "I'm boreds" are coming sooner than later!