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Monday, December 15, 2008

Dyson Domestic Diva (Jan Sign-ups) at Momdot!

Are you a mom blogger? Do you want to review the DC 25 Animal for Dyson? The day I got a Dyson, my life changed for the better. With endless pets in our home, we had a constant need to keep hair off the floors, couches, bedrooms, and into a life we were not embarrassed to live. Worse, our vacuums kept breaking year after year and replacing was costly and expensive.

After recommendations from friends, I settled on a Dyson and never looked back. Recently and Dyson created a partnership for a once in a lifetime opportunity for moms to really get down and dirty with Dysons newest DC 25 Rollarball Animal vacuum, and let you have a chance to tell the world what YOU think.
Every 2 weeks from now till April, we are going to be picking a new mom to spend a full two weeks with our Dyson and then come on as a Dyson Domestic Diva and give everyone the lowdown on it. Comparing it to your current household cleaning, your vacuum that you use on a daily basis, the all around ins and outs of how you feel about the Dyson after spending 2 weeks with it in your home. You will be able to blog during your experience from set up to the day it leaves, posting pictures, videos and sharing your experience with the world.
Please go to Dyson Domestic Divas to see the progress on the new site, which should be fully up and running by January 1st!

How do I get involved?
Look for signups! Every two weeks we will run a sign up and announce the newest Dyson Domestic Diva. We will get your shipping info and get a Dyson to your house ASAP. These will be rolling sign ups, so please come back and let us know your still interested and why. Persistence DOES pay off. We will notice if you are interactive on our blog and with the other Dyson Domestic Divas, leaving comments, talking about the site to others, and it shows us you really want to test the Dyson for yourself.

How are you choosing who gets to use it?
We are going to look for someone who has a genuine need for the Dyson. Do you have a lot of pets? Crazy allergies? A terrible vacuum? Tell us about it! We do ask that you do NOT own a Dyson, nor have ever owned one. We want to get reviews from brand new non owners.

Am I required to post on the Dyson Domestic Diva site?
Yes! We are essentially a moms panel and you are signing up to review this product. You don’t need to blog daily as you are using the Dyson, but are welcome to. We definitely want your first and last impressions, including pictures and videos if you have them (videos not required). You will receive a log in to the Dyson blog and be able to blog about your excitement, impressions, and more. We will help you if you do not know the blog format we use (wordpress).

Can I review this on my own site as well?
Yes, of course. And ask your readers to come watch your progress right on Domestic Divas!

Will I have to pay for shipping?
NO! Dyson will cover the shipping to your house and on to the next person. You just need to clean!

How long will I have it?
2 weeks. We felt this was a great time to really get to know your vacuum and see results.

Will I get to keep it?
Sadly, no. This one is on a very important trip around the blogosphere. But that doesn’t mean you wont see rewards in the future for your participation. Just imagine how clean your house will be and how convinced your husband will be to let you get one after you have proven to him how great it is! Plus, you get to add Dyson Moms Panel to your bloggy press…and how cool is THAT.


To begin, we need two moms to kick off the Dyson Domestic Diva program with us in January 09! So go ahead and put your sign ups below. Let us know who you are, what blog you are a part of, and why you desperately need to test out this Dyson for a few weeks. We are going to pick our first two mommies before January 1st. We do give brownie points if you are a momdot visitor and if you find a creative way to spread the program back on your blog, so tell us about it if you do. Remember, if your not picked for the first round, its going on till April, so every two weeks, you have a chance to be a part of the crew.

We are looking for creative, fun bloggers who are excited and want to be a part of this very special Dyson Review Crew! Please leave info below for January sign up.


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A Family Completed... said...

Wow what a cool way to promote an item to have so many point of views coming in on the SAME machine I will be tuning in to see what other's mom's have to say and will hopefully get the chance to review it myself! We have a rental home with carpets that are at least 10 years old. My vacuum doesn't cut it and I pleaded with my husband for a Dyson while the Black Friday sales were going on but he couldn't justify spending THAT much on a machine that "does the same thing the one at home does" I would LOVE to prove him wrong, lol. Typical woman/wife right I love I told you so's!

valerie2350 said...

I would soooo love to do this!!!
I've got 4 cats and 2 teenagers - cat fur, long human hair and dirt and grime from the constant foot traffic running in and out of my house lead to dusty/dirty/furry/hairy carpet. Oh and the carpet - it's over 20 years old - a long rust shag....easily recognizeable as a product of the 70's. The color is 'stain friendly' but I know it collects extra stuff that a newer carpet wouldn't. Help me...please :)