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Monday, December 29, 2008

Pledge Review and Giveaway - CLOSED!

Shine, restore, and refresh your wood furniture!

Pledge® Natural Beauty is ideal for quickly cleaning your wood furniture and wood surfaces. Its Anti-Dust™ formula keeps surfaces looking less dusty, longer. It removes dust, dirt, smudges, and common allergens like pet dander found in dust from your wood furniture in a flash. Plus, it protects against water damage and stains. Dusting with Pledge® leaves surfaces with no waxy buildup. Pledge® Natural Beauty removes up to 84% of allergens from dust mites and pet dander that is in dust.

I had always believed that Pledge was ONLY for wood. To my surprise it can also be used to add a great clean shine to Stainless Steel, Leather, Marble and Granite. Pledge doesn't leave a grimy build up like some other cleaners can. My mother and grandmother both used Pledge and I can now see why.

How the enter Giveaway:
Go to Pledge and then come back here and comment on which chore you hate and which one you actually like doing.

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Giveaway ends on Monday, January 5th at noon EST

(you MUST leave a way for me to contact you or another winner will be chosen)

This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program by SC Johnson, who also supplied the product for review and giveaway


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Tracy @ our Journey said...

I hate to put the laundry away. I don't mind washing, drying, folding...just the putting it away part. ;o}

My favorite chore is to husband says it's because the vacuum drowns all of the noise from everything else. HA! I think he's right!

Misty said...

i absolutly hate to fold laundry.

my favorite is vacuming... i love to watch it grab and suck up everything on the floor.

mom2cutekids said...

I hate to do the dishes, I don't know why but to me it is the worst.

My favorite chore is dusting. Don't know but it is interesting to find some of the things you

Lon said...

I hate doing any chores, that is my wifes no seriously. I guess my least favorite is dishes and garbage.

My favorite would have to be vacumming.

micaela6955 said...

I hate dusting and changing the cat box... and I don't mind doing the laundry or hand washing my pots and pans.

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Kimberly L said...

I hate cleaning the bathroom. Its such a simple task, but man I really do not like it.

My favorite is mopping the kitchen floor. I just love having a clean kitchen floor.


valerie2350 said...

blogged entry 1

valerie2350 said...

blogged entry 2

valerie2350 said...

blogged entry 3

Dina said...

I hate to dust and clean bathrooms, love to do the laundry and vacuum.

Renee G said...

I hate to vacuum, but I love to do laundry.


Jayme said...

i don't mind doing the laundry but ask me to clean the bathroom and toilets and i will complain!!


Chocolate Covered Karma said...

I Hate to mop and do laundry, but don't mind vacuuming or taking the trash out. Sometimes chores are somewhat of an escape from reality.

Wanda said...

What? Stainless steel too?
I'm in love!

Want this stuff...who knew?