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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Please be aware of new laws regarding sale of items for children! (Nationally)

Most of you will be unaware of the laws currently in affect that will be enforced begining in February, 2009. These laws include clothing, toys, blankets, bibs, beds - basically *anything* that comes in contact with children ages 12 and under. You will no longer be able to sell children's items without having testing for lead, phalates and flammability. To do so will be a felony. Donations to places such as the Salvation Army, etc, will - as it stands - more than likely not be allowed.

Additionally, how this affects YOU as a parent. Because of the testing requirements, many companies will be closing their doors. There will be a reduction in services and products available. The companies that do survive this law and are able to afford the testing, will be forced to raise their pricing to cover the testing costs. As it stands, it is looking to cost approximately $500 per unit. If a company has a number of different items available, they have to test each different unit. Say I make a shirt with long sleeves, and one with short sleeves, and another with a bow on the front. Each shirt HAS to be tested seperately, according the new CPSIA laws. This new law is going to put MANY MANY MANY small business completely out of business. This is going to cause a greater impact on our current recession, as those individuals and businesses who rely on the sales of their product, will now be searching for ways to survive - along with you, me and the rest of the country...then add to the fact that product pricing will then increase. It's all a vicious cycle - all because our country was lacking laws for importing dangerous toys. Please do your homework and read up on the CPSIA laws and how they will affect you as the consumer. Contact your congressman/woman and Senator and ask them to look into the CPSIA and see for themselves the magnitude of devastation this is going to have nation-wide.

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Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

I had read about this but not in great detail. This is AWFUL.

I understand the safety, I want my kids to be safe, but this is going to drive prices up AND put people out of business.